Positions/Roles on a Woodsball Team

There are many different styles of play but there are a few that can be summarized by 6 or 7 different roles or positions. They each cover a broad range of skills and abilities that intertwine and form a players niche. Finding your niche is usually pretty easy after playing a few games and seeing what kind of player you tend to be. Once you know what qualities each position requires you’ll be able to match your abilities to the requirements of the position.

The Positions:

Command Positions


  • Codename: Chief
 Commander of all.

Squad Commander

  • Codename: Boss

Basic Infantry Positions


  • Codename: Lightning
 Light armament, fast mover.

Basic Infantry

  • Codename: Charlie
 Medium armament, fast mover, versatile.


  • Codename: Thunder
 Heavy armament, slow mover.

Special Forces Positions

Special Forces/Recon

  • Codename: Ghost
 Light armament, heavy camo, concealed shooter, fixed position(aka sniper).

Special Forces/Scout

  • Codename: ??
 Light armament, heavy camo, concealed shooter, fast mover.

Special Forces/Gunner

  • Codename: Tank
 Super heavy armament, slow mover.

Now, having said all of that, there are a lot of differen’t ideas out there on what exactly each position does and how they do it, but really, it’s all up to you. In a perfect world every person on the team would be able to perform all the positions equally but specialize in only one position. I’m not going to sit here and teach a close minded approach toward choosing your position. You DON’T have to be stuck with playing only one role/position. I would suggest that you learn all of the positions and take what you’re the best at from each one and apply it. Each game might call for something different.