A ten man team is a woodsball team composed of ten players, each with their own role and skillset that contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team. Here is a diagram of what the basic layout is.


The standard for a ten man team was originally an idea created for the SPPL which was one of the original scenario woodsball leagues. Special Ops Paintball had a big part in keeping the league going, but shortly before the business was closed the first time the league was disbanded and has since changed forms. The scenario challenge web site is no longer active and there isn’t an SPPL anymore but the basic idea for the ten man team was pretty solid. Whether you’re going to be playing in a scenario or a league.

The layout almost mirrors the Army squad layout. There are a couple of exceptions. Instead of a medic as your tenth member we have a “Sniper” which serves as a fast, maneuverable player which also is the camo expert and can blend into any environment. This position can change if you’re playing in a scenario that requires the use of a medic.

The command structure of the team is as follows: The squad leader is the head of the team. He is in command of both fire teams, Alpha and Bravo. The team leaders are the next in command and have leadership over their respective fire teams.

The Heavy gunner is a rifleman with an extended gear loadout for carrying extra paint and also should have the ability to lay down more paint than anyone on the team(that means he’s gotta be carrying a marker that can rack up a seriously high bps count).

The Special Weapons guy is the guy with the law or the grenades, depending on your preference and the games needs. He carrys a standard riflemans loadout with the exception of lugging around the teams special weapons.

The Rifleman is the workhorse of the team, he should be fast, capable and ready to flank at a moments notice. He carrys just enough paint and air to get him through the game but should have a marker capable of putting out a decent BPS.

In general no one should over think their “Position” on the team as long as the command structure is upheld. The ability to carry out formations and maneuvers quickly and effectively regardless of who is the Sniper or Heavy Gunner is the key to winning woodsball games. Everyone should be willing to flank and nobody should refuse to lay down cover fire. In the near future I’ll be adding basic maneuvers and formations to this section to give you an idea of how the command is supposed to work, and what the fluid make-up of the team is supposed to look like in action.