If you’re looking at this page you’re either wanting to start a team or already have a team. This page will have stuff for both people.

Starting a Woodsball Team

Starting a team isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It takes time and dedication, not only from you, but from your teammates. The best way to start a team is to appoint at least one team officer. This should be the oldest person with the most experience. This person will be in charge of the team. They’re the one in charge of:

  • Recruiting new teammates
  • Keeping everyone in line
  • Leading training

There are lots of other things the team captain will do as well.

So after you’ve got a team captain or team officer you can start putting together team packets. What goes in the team packets?

  • Team Name
  • Player List
  • Team Requirements
  • Team Values
  • Play Logs
  • Team Rules/Field Rules
  • Play Books
  • Team Test
  • Patch requirements

Team Name

The Team Name is pretty important. It’s a name that everyone will call you by. It’s something to be proud of. It can always be changed though so don’t worry so much about getting it right the first time. I would suggest taking a little bit of time thinking of a good name and not just something that sounds cool. It’s a good idea to think of something that describes your team.

Player List

The player list is just to let everyone know who is on the team and what they’re job is. If you want to do ranks that’s up to you.

Team Requirements

These are going to be the requirements everyone has to fulfill in order to be on the team. Like:

How to get on the team:

  • Memorise the team values
  • Pass the team test
  • Pass the performance test
  • Play with the team for at least 5 game days

These are just some simple team requirements. The performance test usually involves a position specific test and also some basic drills and 1 on 1’s with team officers.

Team Values

This is something to put some thought into. The team values are going to be values that your team members have to uphold.


  • 1. God comes first
  • 2. Always listen to team officers
  • 3. The referee is always right
  • 4. Obey and uphold field rules
  • 5. Always be curteous
  • 6. Look for opportunities to help others
  • 7. don’t argue with other players
  • 8. Always have a good attitude
  • 9. Show up to all team events and fund raisers
  • 10. Set a good example

This is just to give you an idea of what my team’s team values are. One of the requirements for being on the team is that they memorize and uphold the team values.

Play Logs

You might be thinking “Why play logs?”, but trust me, play logs are a good way to keep track of how your team members are doing. It’s also a good way to keep track of what they show up to and how much they play with the team.

Team Rules/Field Rules

This is a good thing to include so that your players can get to know the field rules. If you don’t have a regular field just try and find some field rules that are typical of most fields.

Play Books

This is a good idea so your team can study the plays and drills. You can also go over radio communication and hand signals in the play book. This will help your team be better oriented when it comes time to practice these things.

Team Test

The team test is the pass/fail requirement for being on the team. It contains basic safety information, marker orientation, team tactics, and basic paintball information.

My teams team test I got most of from the SpecialOpsPaintball Officer’s test. It’s a good starting point.

Team members must get at least an 80% or better to pass the test.

I would include at least 40 questions on the test as well.

Patch Requirements

This is only for teams that will have a team patch. You want to make the patch something they have to earn. It’s a promotion. Here’s a basic example of requirements:

How to get your patch:

  • Play at least 10 games(game days) with the team
  • Play at least 5 games(game days) in your position
  • Play fairly by the rules – Uphold the team values

If you’ve already got a team together I would suggest starting from scratch. Let everyone know they will have to do all of that stuff in order to be on the team and stay on the team. If they really want to be on the team they’ll do it.

Team Dues

Team dues are something to consider. This should be an educated guess at how much it will cost for air, paint, field fees for all of your team events and practices. This should also cover the price of patches, uniforms and other team paraphernalia.