Hidden Success is a definitive guide on camouflage and ghillie suit construction that is so in depth and all-inclusive that you’ll want to read it two or three times before you put it down. A digital copy is available for download at Hidden Success Tactical. I highly suggest reading this book if you’re looking to get a better grasp on camouflage, Matthew Dermody has put together an amazing text that has covered every detail of blending in to your surroundings.

“This perfect-bound, 14-Chapter, 193 page book contains all the information needed to construct a ghillie suit that is FAR SUPERIOR to any pre-made commercial suit.  An easy, step-by-step guide with over 100 photographs and six suit designs.  Topics include safety, suit design, material selection, history, camouflage concepts, suit testing and much more!” – Excerpt from www.hiddensuccesstactical.com