It may sound lame to just go out and shoot at stuff, but it’s not quite that bad. The whole point of target practice is to help you get a feel for your marker and it’s consistency.
Before I even start with some target practice ideas let me just say this, don’t be dumb. Don’t go out on the back porch of your apartment and start shooting at stuff from the balcony. If you live in a heavily populated area, in the city, or anywhere where you’re in close proximity to neighbors or other people, it’s probably not a good idea to be out back shooting your paintball gun. People are pretty uppety about that sort of thing and WILL call the police.

Setting up a target range

When you’re setting up a target range you want to make sure it has these things:

  • Pleanty of room – At least 150’x150′
  • Four walls or at least is out of range of any buildings, parking lots or other things like that
  • A variety of targets at a variety of distances

Spacing out your targets


You’ll want to make sure you set up a few different kinds of targets to give you a bit of a challenge. You’ll want some big and some small. You don’t usually get a huge target out on the field when you’re playing, so try and simulate some targets that you might see out on the field.

When you’re setting up your targets make sure you set them up at different distances and different angles. You’ll want to be able to practice shooting at maximum range as well as 20-30′ away and everywhere in between.


Diameter of safety


I can’t stress this enough. When you’re setting up your target range be as safety minded as possible. You don’t want to have things flying back at you when your shooting and you definitely don’t want to take any chances with having stray balls hitting cars, houses, or other things like that. When you’re practicing whether by yourself or with others, make sure you and anyone else within range is wearing their mask/goggles.

Practice How you Play

When you’re doing your target practice it’s good to wear your full gear, just like you would if you were actually going to play. In almost every circumstance you’ll always want to practice how you play. If you’re just out there practicing in your pajamas it’s not going to do you any good.

When it comes to target practice it’s almost a no brainer, but, hopefully this article will help you get more of an idea on how to get out there and practice effectively.