The best and most satisfying way to win a game is to defeat the other team with as little force as possible, not having to eliminate anybody from the game.

So, it is correct to say that woodsball exellence is not to fight and win in every game you play, but it is exellence to win your games without having to fire a single shot.

It is best to counter the other teams plans before they have a chance to carry them out, it is second best to cut the other teams players off before they have a chance to regroup and restrategize their plan. Thirdly you can go head to head on the battle field, but your last resort is to attack the other team while they are garrisoned in bunkers or hold up in a fort.

The rule for woodsball is to avoid attacking fortified locations like bunkers and forts.

A commander or squad leader who is impatient and easily frustrated may order the team to swarm a fortified location. The result will be that 1/3 of your squad will be eliminated while the fortified location remains untaken.

A skilled commander subdues the other team without fighting, and takes the other teams bunkers and bases without having to attack them and also does not take a long time to win a game.

To attack strategically you must follow these rules: If your forces are 10 to 1 then surround him. If you have 5 to 1 on your squad then attack them. If you are only 2 to 1 then split your forces into two separate attack squads. If you meet equal resistance than you can engage them, but if you are outnumbered you should avoid them. If you are drastically outnumbered them stay far away from them if possible.

A small force can put up a good fight if they are skilled but over time they will be defeated if they are largely out-matched in every way.

There are three ways that a commander or squad leader can be foolish with his command. He can order to attack or retreat but be ignorant to the fact that the team is incapable. Or he can treat the team like he is inexperienced in the game and lose their confidence and make the team feel uneasy about his orders. Lastly, a commander can be foolish by not being picky about who he chooses to command his squads(squad leaders).

There are five essentials for victory in woodsball:

  • The commander who knows when to fight and when not to engage the other team will be victorious
  • A successful commander knows how to handle superior and inferior forces on the field.
  • A successful team has the same ethos and everybody is playing united to seek victory.
  • You will win if you prepare yourself to take the other team while they are unprepared.
  • The commander who is not questioned by anyone and has a good understanding of strategy will be victorious.

If you know the other team and you know yourself you will be victorious 100 percent of the time. If you know yourself but don’t know the other team, you will sometimes win and sometimes lose. If you don’t know the other team and you don’t know yourself or your capabilities(or your teams capabilities) on the field than you will lose every game.