Reading through the Art of War can be a bit of a challenging task. It’s a strategical handbook for warfare that is phrased in poetic fashion. The translation provided on this site is a little more straight forward than others, but some of the language and phrasing used can be a little tricky. I am working on a complete commentary that will dumb it down a little, and break down the basic elements of the Art of War so that they will be easily understood. Keep in mind that my comments are my own opinion, and are strictly fashioned towards the paintball side of things.

In coming weeks I will be adding articles quite frequently, some will be part of the Sun-Tzu Series, others will just be general tactics and strategery. As far as this series is concerned I will be updating the site weekly with articles that are direct commentary on the text of the book, while others will just be thoughts and ideas that were gathered from what I already know and was able to apply to the book.

As always this site is for informational purposes, so if you notice anything incorrect in any of my articles please post it in the forum. I will be glad to revise and update anything that might be off.

Basic Foundations

Sun-Tzu makes many references to military structure and command in his book. For our purposes just keep in mind that those can easily relate to paintball. Any time he makes reference to a ruler, general or commander, you can relate that to the captain of your team. You could also relate this in terms of large scenario games, but we’re going to keep this on a basic woodsball level.

In the first chapter of the Art of War there is mention of structure and administration. I wanted to lay out the basic structure of a woodsball team before we get into the commentary so that I can reference things in the future and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ll be basing the ranks and structure of a team on a basic ten-man SPPL style team.

Command Structure:
Squad Leader
Team Member

Ranks within a team:
Command Sergeant
Master Sergeant

The different roles or “Positions” on a woodsball team have been a controversial subject since I started playing paintball. I’m not going to outline team positions because, as far as I’m concerned, everyone on the team should be a versatile paintball machine. Everyone should be able to do what needs to be done to win the game.