What is the art of seeing? Basically(and I really do mean basically), it’s the ability to see what’s going on around you. Not just what’s obvious and apparent, but the subtle things that go un-noticed by most people. A lot of people equate it to tracking or even loosely liken it to stalking or hunting. The art of seeing is more about noticing what’s happening in your sphere of inhabitance.

For example, if you were walking through the woods, would you notice a fresh trail that was left by the opfor? Would you notice if brush was slightly askew because someone had just rubbed up against it to hide in the tree adjacent to it? Or, would you notice something out of place if there was suddenly an alarm sounded by birds in the distance? These are just a few examples of the art of seeing.

In the future I’ll be posting some drills and exercizes to help you improve your art.