Tactics Guide
This section will be growing a little every week as I post new articles. I’ll be updating this page every Friday night so make sure you check back frequently. I’ll be starting out fairly basic with an introduction to paintball and a basic knowledge of the sport. This is to ensure that you, as a player, have a strong foundation to build on when it comes to the more advanced tactics. After I get through the introduction series I will be carrying on in the tradition of Sun-Tzu and his book “The Art of War” to truly fill out the strategy section and make this site the true “Art of Woodsball”.

I’ve Included a copy of the entire text of “The Art of War” by Sun-Tzu in HTML. The text is the Giles Translation and is public domain. The commentaries and other articles are the property of Matt Stroble and woodsballguide.com and may not be used without written consent.