Pincer Attack

The idea behind the “pincer” attack is actually very simple. The point is to split your attacking force into two columns, one on either side of the opfor, and initiate a strike simultaneously with both squads to squeeze or “pinch” the enemy from both sides. When you have two enemy forces firing at you from two opposite angles it makes it nearly impossible to defend against.

There are a couple of ways to pull this maneuver off. You can either break your attacking squad into two equal groups and form two straight columns, or you can stack your team heavier on one side if the defense is more heavily guarded on one side.

To illustrate the basics a little better here’s the first stage, moving your two colums up to surround the enemy fortification.

Woodsball Pincer Attack

The first step in a woodsball pincer move.

Step two is to get your units into firing position on either side of the emplacement and open up fire.


This style of attack usually is very effective when the other team has only a few players left and they have decided to stay back on defense. You’ll want to make sure you haven’t underestimated the size of the enemy force left on the other team because if they outnumber you’ll have a harder time coordinating the attack. For this attack to be the most effective both squads need to be in position at the same time, and both squads need to open fire at the same time. This wont give the defense any time to think or regroup.

It’s important to practice before you use this tactic. To practice have a couple of your more experienced defenders stay behind at one of the bases and then take the rest of your team and divide them into two squads. Practice getting into position unseen and opening fire at the same time. If done correctly you’ll have a lightning fast attack that will brutalize the enemy and leave them defenseless.