Ambush Defense

The ambush defense is a very effective plan if you are largely outnumbered by the other team. It has often been called a lazy defense because the idea behind it is to have your whole team hang back on defense at the very start of the game in order to draw the other team into an ambush.

You will basically be creating a giant horshoe that will draw the enemy into the pocket.

Woodsball Ambush Defense

Woodsball Ambush Defense

Stage two is waiting until the enemy has advanced past the tips of the horshoe.


Now that you have the entired attacking squad in the trap it’s time to open fire from every angle. If done correctly you should be able to quickly take out the fire team and regroup for an offensive. To spring the trap make sure everyone on your team knows not to fire until you give the signal. The signal can be as simple as someone on the outermost tip opening fire as long as everyone knows to open fire as soon as they hear it.

This is a brutally effective tactic for whittling down the other team to even out the odds. The key to pulling this one off is making sure you’re coordinated with your attack and making sure that everyone stays hidden waiting for the signal to fire. If the other team gets spooked before they’re all the way in the trap, you’re sunk. Practice with your team setting up a largescale ambush and springing the trap.