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So, should I get a old style PGP or the newer PGP2001?
It is totally up to you, there is no noticeable difference between these two in Performance. Ultimately it will come down to personal preference of which model you like best. If you go with the old model, keep in mind that you will want to buy or make a velocity adjuster, fast changer, and speedloader for optimal performance.  

*Personally, if I have to use one from the two, completely stock without any modifications and after market parts, I would pick the PGP2001.

Also a few things to keep in mind. PGP is a 10 rounds pistol runs on 12-grams. So if you are a big, slower back player, maybe it is NOT for you. A full size pump gun is more suitable for you in normal pump games. Unless you want to use it as a sidearm. Remember, use it right, it will serve you right!

Where can I buy a PGP?
Unfortunitly, the PGP no longer in production. So eBay is your best bet. Also try the “For Sale” section of different paintball forum.

That will be it, let me know if there is anything I missed.
I hope this help you out. Enjoy your PGP. Cheesy

Eddie “Kampfer” Lin

Special thanks to  Jeff ‘Yankee Workshop’ Barnett, Lanny Irwin, Propeine, Punisher, Hans, Postal, CHK6, – Philip “Bridger” Chlanda, AlabamaMan, & my good friend – Peter “Wharf Rat” Simpson