Aftermarket Parts (Upgrades)

Constant Air – Not available at this moment. The Constant Adapter for older model PGP WILL NOT work! Newer model has Fast Changer built in which uses a different threading. Only option for Constant Air is custom work by the pros.

Pusher Bolt – Cooper-T
SKU PGP 2000 EZ-Pull —  $25.95

Nasty pump – from Cooper-T, if you have sweaty Hands, maybe this is the way to go.

Trigger Shoe – Makes the trigger feels much more comfortable in hand. Available at Palmer’s Pursuit Shop. and other places. *AutoCocker trigger shoe will work too.

Grips – PMI rubber grips are available at Palmer’s Pursuit Shop.

I also highly recommend Shartley’s Custom Wood Grips.

45 Frame – Available at Palmer’s Pursuit Shop.

Modified Cocker frame 
Rainman229 offer this service for a very reasonale price.
Send him the frame you like to use, and he will modify it for you.
Check out his site at

Stock Sheridan Parts – Parts like Safety BB, Spring…. Get them from Mad Custom

Shoulder Stock – A shoulder Stock can help you to aim easier, there are 3 ways to add a stcok on PGP.

1. Universial Mount Bracket available at Palmer’s Pursuit Shop will let you add your choice of bottom line stock on.

2. Wedge Stock available at Palmer’s Pursuit Shop.

3. Order a custom wooden stock from Shartley’s Custom.

Scarecrow’s Custom also offer lots Sheridan Upgrade Parts and do custom work on them, make sure you check out his web site.

Direct Feed, Spring Feed, Cigar Tube Mod Conversion – Available at Custom Shops.

My loader assembly is broken Help!

– Replace it with a speedloader, available from Palmer’s Pursuit ShopMad Custom . You could also use the plastic fitting from a Phantom SC feed, costs almost nothing and does the job extremely well.

Semi-automatic conversion – Available at Custom Shops.

Cosmetic options – Nickel Plating, Painting/airbrushing, Powder coating, Polishing options are available at Custom Shops.

Milling – Ball counter slots, Gills options are available at Custom Shops.

I’m looking for a holster that can hold my gun and a few CO2 cartridges and ammo refills. Does anyone have any suggestions?
I am sure You can find nice one for yourself from  Cops911.