Initial costs can be pretty high. As far as prices go:

  • Gas/Fill station (approx. 160 Fills): $300 to start $150/Month
  • Paintballs(20 cases): Around $700/Month
  • Insurance: $310/Month or $3700/Year
  • Netting(8’x300′): $1200/Enough to cover an acre of land or so

Your looking at maybe an initial starting cost of around $5900 Dollars if you pay your insurance premium in full. That doesn’t include rental kits. As far as rental kits go there have been a lot of different threads on it, but I do think that tippmanns work the best. You can find field setup kits around on the net(like 10 full kits for 1500 or so) but whatever you go with you’re going to need a full set of equipment for each kit(Mask, Marker, Tank, Squeegee, Barrel Sleeve).

If you don’t start out with rental kits there are still a few things you NEED to have at your field, either for purchase or rent like:

  • Barrel sleeves
  • Paint
  • Air(Co2 or Compressed air)
  • Water