When you’re looking to buy rental kits you’ll want to keep a couple of things in mind. You want guns that are semi-indestructable and guns that are reliable. You don’t want people on the field trying to “Fix” their gun because it’s not firing correctly. You also might want to give a little variety(when I say little I mean like 2-3 different guns). There is of course one name that comes to mind when I think of rental guns, Tippmann. Why? Well, because they have a reputation for being very reliable and rugged. They can be dropped and beat on without breaking(easily).

So what other guns are there to think about? I’ve seen fields rent out Ions and spyders and other things like that but it’s MY opinion that Tippmann makes a great rental gun.

So what goes in a rental kit?

You’ll want to include a full mask, a Co2 tank, a gun, a barrel sleeve, a hopper and some paint. That right there will give you a basic rental kit. The nice thing is Tippmann sells a pack that comes with all of those things(The 98 Custom power pack). You can also buy the A-5 in a power pack as well.

What price range am I looking at?

Rental kits(good quality ones) are going to run you around 150-160 each. I would recommend starting out with AT LEAST 10, but depending on how many kids you have coming through your field you might want to get a few more.

What else could get rented out?

Camo jumpsuits, barrel sleeves, mech. hoppers, and other things like that. People might show up to the field with only a gun, or they might forget their hopper or something so you’ll want to have all of this stuff for sale or for rent. Just think “What would someone most likely need or forget when they get to the field?”.

Some links:

Something to keep in mind:

You’ll want to keep in mind that whatever you rent out needs to be well kept. That means you need to clean/maintain all of your rental equipment on a daily basis. This is for safety and also the longevity of your kits.
How much to charge:

If you’ve got your rental kits put together and are ready to start setting a price range I would suggest you go to a field in your area and see what they are charging. If there aren’t any fields in the area you’ll want to start off on the high side and then lower them gradually till you find the price where you’re renting out the most kits. You’ll want to factor in how much it costs you to take care of the equipment. If you spend 2 hours cleaning all of your equipment a day, and you figure $20 dollars and hour that’s $40 dollars. When you think about it that’s a pretty low overhead. You’ll be making back all of that valuable investment capital in no time.
A good price range for a basic kit is around $15-25 dollars for the whole day. Some places will give you a package deal that includes everything(field fees, all day air, 500 paintballs, and a rental kit) for $40-50. You’ll just have to work out some prices that people in your area are willing to pay.
If anyone else has anything else to add, please do!