When looking to build a field for public/private use you’re going to want to think about netting. When it comes to insurance I can pretty much guarantee that they’re going to require it as well. There are a few different sizes that you’ll have to choose from:

  • 20 Foot high netting
  • 12 Foot high netting

Depending on what the layout of your field is you may only need to get the 12 foot netting which will save you a bit of money.

If your field is pretty wooded and has a good amount of trees that don’t lose their leaves in the winter time(pine trees and things like that) than you probably only will need 12 foot netting because anything above that will be stopped by the trees anyway. If your field, on the other hand, does not offer enough natural cover than you’ll probably want to invest in the 20 foot netting.

Where to get it

I’ll be adding a little bit more about this topic later.