When starting out before you even get it in your head that you want to make your own field, you’ve got to decide whether or not you’re going to set it up for public use or just for private use. The difference being, if you’re going to open it up for public use then you’re going to need insurance. This is not one of those “Well I’ll get it eventually.” things. YOU NEED INSURANCE. If you’re going private than it is not as big of a deal but is still recommended.

These guys offer the lowest premium I have found(if you qualify).


Here’s another you can check out:


If you don’t have anyone employed by your field/store that has more than 3 years experience and a certification, your insurance premiums are going to be pretty high. The policy you get might be kind of limiting as well. This can be a big factor in deciding whether opening a field is right for you. Insurance is expensive but neccesary.

For the insurance application you’re pretty much gonna have to have all your stuff together, including a map of the field and pictures of your fill station, chronograph area, signs(posted “Goggles On” “Caution: Paintball Field” etc.), and safety zone(has to be netted off or out of range(300 feet).

They’re also going to want to know how many people you’ll have every year and how much your going to take in monthly and yearly from:

  • Entry Fees/Field Fees
  • Paintball/air sales
  • Concessions sales
  • Store sales

You’ll also need to look into getting a business license or tax ID number if you wan’t anyone to take you seriously. You’ll also want to see if your field is zoned for paintball. If you’re in a residential area you might have to talk to your neighbors as well and kind of get their blessing.