When starting/building a field safety should always be your first and last concern. You want to make sure your field is going to be safe for the people playing on it. There are a few different areas where safety is key:
Rules – You gotta have em. You have to make sure everyone knows the rules. You’ve got to make sure everyone sits through a safety briefing and gets an earful of the rules before they step onto the field.
Building Bunkers – You want to make sure and take extra care when building bunkers to make sure they are safe and sturdy. You don’t want to build stuff that’s going to risk falling over and hurting someone. That also means you need to make sure there are no jagged edges or nails hanging out where people could easily catch on them. You also want to make sure that there are clear pathways between the bunkers so that people aren’t tripping over stuff while they’re running between bunkers.
If you’re going to be building bunkers that involve stacking things like barrels, sandbags, cinder blocks, pallets or anything like that you want to make sure they are secure. You can tie them down or anchor them somehow you just have to make sure they aren’t going to fall over.
Clear Pathways – You’ll want to make sure you keep all the major pathways and roads clear of things like trash, sticks, rocks and other obstacles that people can trip over.
Signs Posted – You’ll want to post signs around the perimeter of your field that say “No Trespassing”, some insurance companies require this. You’ll also need signs that say “Goggles On” posted at all field entries and “Barrel sleeves on” posted at all field exists. That means that before someone walks onto the field they are reminded that they need to have their goggles on, and when they walk off the field they are reminded to put their barrel sleeve or plug on.
It’s also a good idea to have a sign made with your field rules to post in the “Staging Area” or briefing area.
Refs and other staff – You’ll want to make sure you have qualified staff that are fully knowledgeable of the field safety precautions and uphold the rules without mercy. You can’t afford to have someone who is lax on safety. Refs need to be knowledgeable of the game of paintball as well as all of the field rules. Refs need to be able to uphold the rules with an iron fist to ensure that all the rules are being followed.
Insurance – This just goes without saying. You’re going to need insurance no matter how safe your field is or how in depth your waiver/release forms are. Insurance just another safety precaution that you really can’t do without.