Example list of field rules:


  • Goggles must be worn AT ALL TIMES while on the field.
  • Barrel sleeves must be secured on your gun at all times when NOT on the field.
  • Gun safety’s are to be activated AT ALL TIMES when not firing your gun.
  • All guns must be chronographed prior to play (Must be chronoed less than 280fps)
  • All players must read/review the rules and sign a waiver/release form
  • All players must wear shirts, pants, and closed toed shoes.

General Play

  • No profanity, racial slurs, obscene joking or abusive language.
  • No Fighting

Being shot out

  • A player is out when a ball breaks on said player and leaves a mark bigger than the size of a quarter.
  • All gear, guns, and appendages are considered part of the player.
  • Once shot out a player must raise his/her hand and yell “OUT!”, then proceed to walk to the “Dead Hut”.
  • All players not following the above rule will be considered still in play and most likely will be shot upon

Paint Checks

  • A player can call for a paint check if he believes another player to be out.
  • During a paint check game play does not stop.
  • A ref will check said player for paint and will either yell “OUT!” or “FAIR!”, fair meaning the player was clean.


  • No intentional shooting of the refs
  • A refs ruling is final
  • No arguing with refs


  • First offense equals a warning
  • Second offense equals sitting out for a game
  • Third offense equals banned from field for 2 weeks
  • Fourth offense equals banned from field

I’m sure there are pleanty that I have left out but for now that’s about all I can think of.