What is field paint?

The term “Field paint” is generally used to describe the paintballs a field provides for purchase on site. Some fields have a “Field paint only” policy which requires you to buy and use ONLY paint that is purchased from the field. It’s a great way to make money, in fact, is the primary money maker for most fields.
Why implement a field paint only policy?

It may sound kind of dumb to make people buy and use YOUR paintballs only but, and the reason why so many fields do it, it can be one of your main sources of profit/income. You’ll be taking in more money from field paint than anything else most likely.
What paint should you use for field paint?

Well, it’s really not a huge deal exactly what brand you use. You’ll want to offer a little bit of variety though. You’ll need a lower quality/price brand, and medium range paint and a high end paint.
The low end can be whatever you can get for cheap. The people that are mainly going to buy this paint are going to be the people that don’t want to shell out more money or the people that really just shoot so much paint anyway that they don’t care.
The medium grade paint will probably be the paint you sell the most so you’ll want to get a good quality paint that is about middle of the road as far as price goes.
Your high end paint needs to be top quality. If you’re offering “High end” paint people are going to expect the best. You can charge a little more for the high end but don’t try and overcharge people. You’ll want to make the prices reasonable so you’ll get more takers on the high end paint. Usually the people who buy the high end paint will be the serious paintballers, or the newbs who think that high end paint will make them a better paintballer.
Your price ranges are going to be pretty varied. Your low end paint should be somewhere around $40/case, medium grade should be around $50/case and your High end should be somewhere between $60-$70/case.
I don’t want to mention any names for a reason, everyone has a favorite brand. To me brands mean nothing, they’re just a name. I look for quality, but also on the other hand everyone has their own idea of quality. Anyway another factor you’ll want to consider is paint to bore matching. Since the only people who probably know what that means are going to be the people buying the medium to high end paints, you’ll only need to worry about it with those areas. What does that mean? Well you’re going to want to have a couple of different types within each category to offer people a couple of different paint sizes(paintballs do vary in size between brands…it may be fractional but it’s enough to make a difference).
So, in summary:

  • Offer 3 different categories of paint:
  • Low grade
  • Medium grade
  • High grade

Offer some variety within the categories, especially in the medium and high end paint. 2 different kinds should be enough.