Classic Capture the Flag


Capture the flag is probably one of the most popular games to play in paintball. It’s a classic. Just about everyone knows how to play capture the flag, but I’ll go over the basics anyway.


This game involves two teams. For example purposes I will call them blue team and red team.

Preferably the teams should be of even numbers ranging from 5-15. Any larger than that and you’ll probably want to split it up into two seperate games.


The initial objective of the game is to “Capture” the other teams flag and bring it back to your home base. Depending on how you want to play the game there are a few conditions to this objective.

  • A time limit(20-30 Minutes)
  • YOUR flag must be safe at your home base before you can win with the other teams flag at your base.
  • You must not only return the enemies flag to your home base but you must be able to keep it from the other team for the remainder of the game

Depending on how you want to play the game you can give it a time limit, require that your teams flag must be at your base before winning, and you can also require that your team guard or defend the other teams flag that you have stolen in order to keep it from them for the rest of the game.
Another way of playing would require that once you have brought the enemies flag back to your home base, it is returned to the opponents base and play continues. Scoring is then tallied on how many times you can capture the enemies flag before the game is over. Another way to make the game interesting, and longer, is to have a “Flag Station” at each base where two flags reside(one for each team) and at the beginning of each game each team starts with it’s flag risen at it’s home base. The objective being to capture the enemy base and raise your flag, scoring a certain amount of points for every minute your flag is flying at the opponents base. This version requires that a ref be stationed at each base with a stopwatch to keep track of points.


Considering that you’re even going to keep score at all(Most times the game is played with one objective, which is capturing the other teams flag, and the game is ended when that objective is completed), here are a few ways to make scoring simple and easy.

  • 1 point for every opponent shot out.
  • 5 points for capturing the flag.
  • 10 points for returning it to your home base.

Scoring helps to decide the winner of a game when the time limit runs out and nobody has touched either sides flag.


It is also up to you whether you want to enable player respawns. A general rule for respaws is to require players to leave the field to occupy the “Dead Hut” where they remain for a certain amount of time before they are allowed to respawn.

The dead box is usually placed in a neutral area of the field, around the center, where players have an equal and fair distance from the dead hut to their home base.

When considering respawns you may want to consider drafting some respawn specific rules as far as where the respawn points are and being able to shoot respawned players and things like that.


The objective is clear, you capture the other teams flag, bring it back to your base, and you win. To make it interesting you can add or subtract from this general outline, but often times the funnest version is the classic, most simple version.