What are sandbags?

 A sandbag is traditionally a burlap sack that is filled with sand or dirt. 
 They have been used for years during flood seasons to direct the flow of 
 water and create run-off channels and things like that. They have also been 
 known to be used as supplemental protection in bunkers.

Filling a sandbag

Filling a sandbag is pretty easy. All you need is a shovel, someone to hold the bag open and dirt. A good sandbag should be 2/3’s of the way full. If you make them too full they will be too heavy and cumbersome and also will not conform to fill any gaps that are left open. If you don’t fill them enough they will be TOO floppy and flat.

Stacking sandbags

When creating a wall it’s best to use a stair step pattern to create a very sturdy structure:

You can use this pattern to create walls and intersect them using a patter similar to this for the corners:


Additional Notes

  • Try not to stack your sandbags up too high, you don’t want them to fall over.