When it comes to field size it really depends on what you’re working with. I try to keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to be able to long ball eachother while you’re sitting in both the main bases. That means the main bunkers have to be at least 250-300 feet apart. But in most cases there will be moderate brush and trees that will keep you from doing this in the first place. This is just a rule of thumb I like to keep in mind when thinking about large and small fields. When you’re playing woodsball games like capture the flag it’s always nice to have some room to maneuver before you engage the enemy.
Beyond that it’s all going to be personal preferance as to how big you make your field and where you put the bunkers.
How big should a field be? Well in my opinion for anything smaller than 5 on 5’s 2-3 acres will do you well, but 6 on 6 and up would require a little bit more room(just my opinion). I would say a good field size to satisfy both large and small games would be around 3 acres. When you start getting in to 15 on 15 and bigger you’re going to need a bit more room, like 5-7 acres. If you’ve got a lot of brush and trees standing between both bases you can make the field a bit smaller, but if it’s all flat land with little in between you’re going to want to give it a bit more room.
When I think about designing a field I usually like to think of having a main path or road that goes through the middle of the field and connects the two main bases with several smaller trails that sever the other sections of the field and connect some of the smaller bunkers. This gives you clear routes to each base and also gives you some cool options for scenario games.
As you can imagine this is just a rough design for a field. Depending on what the terrain of your field looks like this design might have to be modified quite a bit. What I was going for though is just a general rule of making both sides equal, keeping a balance of defensive and offensive bunkers on each side. Always try and think of how a bunker could be used both ways when building them because even the best defensive bunker COULD be used against you if you’re not in it(yes they can hide on the OTHER side of it just as well as you can hide on the inside of it). Don’t make one sides defense impenetrable and one side too easy to take over. Also keep the elevation of the field in mind like if you’re putting all the other teams bunkers on the low ground and all of another teams bunkers on the high ground.
If you’re going to construct a field with a 3 base design(2 main bases and a middle base for playing middle flag) Make sure you make the middle base of equal distance from both main bases. I usually like to stand in the middle of the field between both main bases and if I can just barely not reach the other base with a normal marker(not flatline) it’s just the right distance away, but if I can pelt it then it’s too close. Usually that’s going to be about 150-175 feet, making the whole field about 350 feet apart or about 1.5 acres.