Placing Field Boundaries

Make sure you walk the field A LOT to get a feel for where you want things to be. It’s a good idea to put the boundaries at least 150 feet or so from the staging area. I would put the target range and chrono area right next to the field just for convenience sake.

The boundaries need to be clearly defined, either with paintball netting or caution tape or whatever, as long as it is noticeable. You don’t want people wondering off the field and gettting lost or hurt. When making the boundaries look at where you plan on making the main bases and bunkers and try and go right up behind them. After you get your field boundaries marked you’re going to have to post “GOGGLES ON” signs at every entry/exit point so everyone gets incesantly reminded to keep their goggles on. At the exit points “BARREL SLEEVES ON” signs need to be posted as well.

After you get the boundaries set up you’ll need to start thinking about bunker construction.