Triangle Center Base Flag Station

This is an example of a very effective center base. I don’t really have time to detail the description so I put together a few diagrams to show you what I was thinking with this one.


This is a top view. As you can see there is the option of having sand bags and …well not having sandbags. I have diagramed one of the triangle bunkers to display what it would be like with sandbags placed around it. The center of these bunkers ideally would be dugout about 2 feet with a graduated entrance on the two back corners of the triangles. The flag is placed in the center of the bunkers. You have the option of cutting holes in the backs of the bunkers so the actual flag station can be fired upon as well.


Here is a front view of what the bunkers would look like with about a 1 foot high mound of sandbags around it. The front has cross cuts to allow you to see out and shoot out of while also not allowing the opfor much of a chance to see whether anyone is in the bunker or not.


The corner view shows what I was thinking with the graduated entrances. This is just to allow quick entrance and exit to the bunkers. You can really use these to get your own ideas on how to do it. This was just a quick idea I wrote down earlier today that I wanted to get on paper so I can remember it for the future.