How to Build a Tower

I just wanted to go over a very simple and basic design for a tower. I didn’t include “detailed” plans because I figure if you’re going to attempt to construct a tower you should probably have a basic sense of construction and how things are put together anyway. So that kind of leads into my disclaimer, if you don’t have much experience building things this project might not be for you. It requires a basic carpentry skill level and a knowledge of basic structure building.

Before I start I also want to go over the safety a little bit. When building any structure for your paintball field, especially load bearing structures like this one, you’ll want to use quality materials and make sure that everything is stable and secure. Make sure there are no places where someone might get caught on a nail that was left hanging out or anything like that.

So now that that’s out of the way I’ll get into the description of the tower. What I had in mind was a tower that was a 8 feet tall in total height. Nothing special but still an advantage. The legs, frame, and supports are all 4″x4″x12′. That means 4 feet go in the ground and the floor of the tower gets placed at around the 4 foot mark and the walls of the tower will be about 4 feet high. When you cement your legs into the ground it might be a good idea to let the wood protrude through the bottom so moisture doesn’t collect in a pocket at the bottom and rot out the wood.

So to start here’s an idea of what the frame should look like from the top:


In the diagrams I place the legs at about 4 feet apart giving you a tower that is a 4 foot square, approx.

Here’s a side view of the legs and the supports for the floor:


And here’s a picture of the framework of the floor:


The crosspieces fit together kind of like linkin’ logs:


For the covering you could use 2×4’s or 1″ box grade plywood, in the diagram below I used plywood:


For the walls of the tower I figure for a tower of this size you’d be ok using 2×4’s for the railing and 3/4″-1″ plywood for the actual walls:


And here’s an idea of what the door would look like. I planned out for a 2′ doorway but the ramp extends the whole width of the tower(4 feet):


And here’s a side view of the ramp:


I attempted to diagram out a front view of the ramp but as you can see it didn’t turn out too well:

Woodsball Tower Bunker Front View

Woodsball Tower Bunker Front View

For the ramp, again, you can use 2×4’s and 1″ plywood but you might think about using 4×4’s. The supports in the diagram for the ramp are 4×4’s(I forgot to mention that part before). Depending on what you want to do you could even use more plywood to form walls for the ramp which would provide more cover for someone who wanted to hide underneath the ramp.

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone an idea on how to go about putting together a simple tower. If you have any suggestions or think I should change/add something let me know. I just did it real quick because of a time crunch.