The idea behind the bunker

The idea is pretty simple actually, create a bunker that allows you to remain standing but fully covered. The design of this bunker is VERY simple and tends to mimic a lot of the other designs I have posted already. The difference in this design being the height of the walls, which stand at 7 feet tall. The shape closely resembles that of half a stop sign.

Materials Needed

To build only one of these bunkers you’ll need the following materials, not including tools used to build it:

  • 3 4×8′ sheets of 3/4″ Box grade plywood
  • 6 8′ 4×4’s
  • 1 Gallon of paint – Preferably a sealant of whatever color you want.
  • Nails

And that’s about it.


  • To start off you’re going to want to cut your plywood to size. You’re going to need 5 panels that measure approx. 2’x7′, depending on how wide/tall you want the bunker. 3 sheets of plywood should be enough to do the job.
  • Then you’re going to want to dig your post holes with a post hole digger about 1 foot deep. You’ll want to make sure you space them out 2 feet apart(give or take a few inches) so you wont have any gaps in your wall.

The basic outline of your posts should look like this:


  • Then you can either use concrete to fill in the holes or just a mix of stones/rocks and dirt to keep the posts semi-steady while you nail your wall panels up.
  • Then you can cut whatever sort of window you want out of the walls, I chose a “T” shape that sits at approx. shoulder level for me which is about 5 feet off the ground. You want to make sure the windows are too revealing but still offer a good amount of visual coverage of the field for the person looking out.
  • After you cut out your windows you can give all of your panels a good thick coat of paint and then nail/screw them up.
  • After that you can give your entired bunker another coat of paint, or let it stay the way it is.

Here’s a quick diagram of what the front view would look like:


Other notes

  • You might ask “Why only put the posts 1′ in the ground?!”, and the answer to that is simple. It’s easy. You might think it to be unstable but really the structure is stable enough to stand without putting the posts in the ground at all, the only reason I did it that way is to keep it from blowing over or being knocked over by someone. You could put them deeper in the ground but that would mean buying 12′ 4×4’s which gives you a WHOLE lot of extra wood to work with.
  • You can make the bunker as tall or short as needed, I just chose the dimensions I did for ease of use and readiness of materials. The size of all the materials I listed are readily available at any home depot for pretty cheap.
  • Why not add a roof? Well, if you wanted to I suppose it would be fairly simple to add another sheet of plywood to the mix and cut yourself out a nice roof, so why not, go for it.