This is for a smaller forward bunker. You can change it up depending on what’s around(like trees and bushs or what not. Basically all you need is a hammer, some nails, some posts, and some 8 foot sections of 1″x12″ boards. You’ll need 2 or 3 full 8′ sections and 4-6 4′ sections of the 1by12 depeding on how high you want the walls. The walls pictured would only be approximately 2 feet high, but you could add another foot to that if you want.

The top board in the front is angled back slightly so the two front posts will have to be cut a foot shorter than the others. This is so you can nail the top board into the top of the posts and lean it back against the other two support posts for the sides. The two corners are just 2-3 foot sections of the 1by12 cut to cover the corners. What I would do is sort of lean em at a 45 degree angle or so and nail the tops down so you get some cover but can still see out the corners.

When digging out the bunkers make sure you stay at least a foot or more away from the walls of the bunker(I like to give it about a foot and a half) just to cut down on the dirt falling back in, and also to give the posts a good bit of solid ground so they don’t start falling over after extended periods of use and time.

  • Note there is about a 2 inch gap between the top board in the front and the bottom boards. Just thought I would it clear that it was intentional and not just a quick photoshop job(although it was a quick job). I’ll try and get some more diagrams up but I hope that helps a little. The same design technique can be applied to the bigger bunkers as well.