The Idea

The theory behind this bunker is that you create a low profile bunker but at the same time you create a bunker that allows you to stand up. Usually you’d have to create a hugely tall bunker in order for this to happen but by digging out the bunker a little bit you can cut down the wall height by about 4 or 5 feet.

Materials Needed

Here’s a list of stuff you’ll need to make one of these bunkers(not including tools).

  • A shovel
  • 6 8′ 4×4’s
  • 1 Sheet of 4’x8′ 3/4″ Box grade plywood
  • 4 8′ 1″x12″ planks
  • 1 Gallon of paint (Preferably a sealent made for the outdoors of any color you want to use).

And that’s about it.


  • First of all what you’re going to have to start out by doing on this project is digging. You’re going to have to dig yourself a nice 4×7 foot hole that’s about 4 feet deep.
  • Then you gotta work on tapering the hole out the back, which can make the total length of your hole about 10 feet.

You can get more of an idea what I’m talking about by this diagram:


  • Then you’re going to want to trim up your posts(4×4’s) to about 5 feet or so because you’ll only need to bury about 2 feet.
  • Next you’re going to want to cover all your wood pieces with a good thick coat of paint.
  • Then you can go ahead and dig out your post holes. The spacing is going to be a little hard to describe so here’s a diagram to help you out:


  • When burying your posts you’ll want to make sure and leave a little more than 2 feet out of the ground(about 4 inches or so more to be more exact).
  • Then you’re going to need to cut your 1″x12″ planks to size. You’re going to need 4 3′ long sections, 4 1.5′ long sections, and 2 4′ long sections.
  • Then you can nail or screw your planks to your posts horizontally like shown in this diagram:


  • As shown in the diagram you’ll want to leave a 3-4 inch gap in between the top and bottom of the 2 planks as a window.
  • Then you can lay down your roof(the plywood) and cut it to shap or leave it as a full rectangle, either way will work fine, you’ll just need to make sure you fasten it to the posts.
  • After you have constructed the bunker you can give it another coat of paint if you want or leave it the way it is.

Here’s a quick top view diagram of the pillbox bunker:


Other Notes

  • This bunker works really well but is not made to be a short pitstop. This bunker is made to be a main base or something of that sort because once you’re in it you’re stuck. You’re not going to be able to just get out in a jiffy, it’s going to take a little bit of doing. This is a good place to stick your newbies that just want to stay in a bunker and “be safe”.


  • As with any other bunker that uses a dug out design you’re going to have problems with water/other crap building up in your hole. You’ll probably want to think through a drainage system or read the article on bunker drainage and irrigation.