The Idea

The idea behind this one is to replicate an old “Gunner’s Nest” which was basically just a sandbag semi-circle with walls that were about 4-5 ft. high. This makes for a pretty cool looking bunker.

Materials Needed

  • Sandbags
  • A shovel to fill sandbags
  • Lots of dirt to put in the sandbags


Construction on this one is pretty simple.

  • Fill yourself a bunch of sandbags
  • draw a circle on the ground with a 5 ft. diameter or so:


  • Lay down your sandbags length wise leaving yourself a 1.5 foot gap in the first layer where you want the door to be.(It’s going to get wider towards the top in a “V” shape)
  • Lay down each layer on top of that so that you’re placing each sandbag in the middle of the two beneath it, kind of like this:


  • Keep building up the walls till you get them as high as you want. You can only get so high before the walls become unstable.


  • While you’re building up the walls you can add windows with cinderblocks or taper the top to leave yourself some little “V”s for shooting platforms.


Other Notes

  • When building this bunker keep in mind that the higher you go with the walls the more unstable they’re going to be, you might want to think about using some sort of support system.
  • The way I have outlined and diagramed out here to stack sandbags goes against the way you’re really supposed to stack sandbags, BUT for the purpose of making a bunker I think it will do alright as long as you keep it stable.