Definitely need to know what the terrain is like to come up with any sort of design ideas specific to the environment. Although there are some basic things you can do that would be relevant to any style or terrain. As mentioned in the boundaries post, with the main bunkers set as the “Last Defense” or the main base, I would back them up against the boundaries on both sides. This helps to keep the defense manageable, and makes less work for building things.
To start with I would lay out boundaries and figure out where I want bases and bunkers, then I would maybe set up a few “lean to” bunkers which depending on the environment could just be some plywood leaned against trees, or something else that doesn’t involve much work and is semi-temporary. Then I would play on the field a few times and get a feel for what needs to be changed and how it needs to be changed.
A lot of the time you won’t even have to do any extensive “building” or digging because of the terrain layout. Like on our field there are pleanty of trees and stumps. All I had to do was dig out a little bit and that was it.
Digging is your friend. My preference is to build bunkers that have 3 walls that are maybe three feet high. Then I dig them out so they’re tapered out the back. At the deepest they’re around 3 feet by a couple feet wide, then they gradually go up to level so nobody falls in them on accident(and makes it easier to slide into or crawl out of).
I found it easier to find areas of natural cover and build on that. Like if you’ve got 3 trees about 7 feet apart that form a sort of v, rip an 8’x4′ plywood board in half so you have 2’x8′ and make two walls that form a v. Then dig out 3 feet. Also in a few of the bunkers on our field, in that sort of situation I would cut the board into 2’x4′ sections and leave about a 4″ gap in the middle of the wall. It seems like suicide but is very handy.
On our field I stuck to a one bunker base(one BIG bunker) and used 2 smaller forward bunkers for main defense. Then I made 2-3 more smaller forward bunkers/dug-outs at strategic positions/angles, so you could start up in a forward position and have pleanty of fall back points before you hit the “alamo” stage of the game(if you start getting over run).
I also forgot to mention that if you’re nailing things make sure you eliminate all protruding nails or screws so no one gets stuck.