Woodsball Field Building Guide
The Field Building Guide is an extensive log of all of my successes and failures while attempting to construct a functional, economical and safe paintball field. You’ll find tips on how to open a public woodsball/paintball field and how to construct/set-up a basic field layout.
Building Bunkers and other Structures
This section provides detailed information and layouts on how to build woodsball bunkers, foxholes, towers and other woodsball structures. Most of these plans and layouts are things we have built on our own field, but, there are a few that are theoretically planned out for future reference. If you attempt to build any of the woodsball bunkers or structures according to the plans please be aware that you do so at your own risk.
Field Layouts
The woodsball field layouts are provided as a general guide on how to set-up or layout a woodsball field. These layouts are just a general guideline and were most definitely meant to be expounded to any degree.
This is the section with all the hairy details on what it takes to run a paintball field. Some of the things located in this section are waivers, field rules, insurance information, business licenses and zoning.
Ok, so there are just a few things that don’t really go in the other three categories, those things got stuck here. Stuff like field paint, paintball netting, and rental kits.
I thought I would put together a new page just to give me a place to put all the videos that I have made(well…the ones that have to do with running a field anyway).