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New content posts and revamping the old content.

So, I’ve noticed that there’s been a decline in interest on the WoodsballGuide…probably due to my lack of interest of maintaining the content. So, in an effort to re-excite the woodsball crowd and revive the site, I have decided to start going through the whole site and re-structuring the old posts and start adding new posts. This also means that I’ll be updating the theme of the site, FINALLY! So if you notice some things that are a little off over the coming months, please excuse my clutter. I’m trying to make the site better so if you have any input please let me know. I need ideas for new articles and also ideas on how to improve the old...

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Old Specops stuff

I was looking through some of my old files and stuff from when I ran a paintball field and found my archive of some of the old articles from specialopspaintball when they used to have lots of cool info. I think out of all the woodsball information specops had, the team positions was what I found the most useful as a “Commander”. It seems kind of silly and a lot of people hate the idea of the team positions that specops created, but it really helped to give a clear goal and focus to my team and it really gave us a cohesion that we were lacking otherwise. Unfortunately specialopspaintball is no longer up and running, except for the forum, but at least I still have the memories! So, check out the “Team Stuff” section of the site and you’ll find all the old team stuff I found from back in the prime time of woodsball. One of these days I’ll get around to posting up the “Officer’s Test” from the old specops brigade. I still have the questions and answers, so we’ll see how many of you would hold up to the standards of woodsball in 2007. On a side note, I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a revival of the specops brigade?…possibly in a newer form but with the same basic idea of a community...

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The new woodsball guide

As you may have noticed, things are changing. Paintball is changing. The industry is changing. Gun laws are changing. Woodsball hasnt changed much, but im sure a few things about it have. The Art of woodsball was a great start but the woodsball guide is a new improved version. I’ll be rewriting articles, adding new articles and updating all of the diagrams and addinf more pictures. If you think im joking, come back in a week and see what’s...

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